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Panorama software is used to create virtual reality panoramas that show a wide angle or full 360° scene. The scene can then be viewed with most web browsers. Panorama image files are large, so broadband internet is recommended. After a panorama loads in your browser window it will rotate automatically. Click and drag, pinch, swipe, etc., to manipulate/move the image. The Shift key will zoom in, while Control or Command will zoom out. Clicking the expand button at the top right of the image will make it fill the browser window or reduce it back to normal.

Here's the scoop on browsers and formats:

The panoramas on this site will work in two ways: in browers that support HTML5; or in browsers that don't, using Flash if it's installed on the computer or device.

On viewing VR panoramas with various devices:

These panoramas will display in most computer browsers which support HTML5 or Flash. The panoramas will also display on most mobile devices with the latest web browsers. Most mobile devices will rotate the panoramas as the device is rotated. A swipe or pinch will rotate or zoom manually.

In my more than 20 years of shooting panorama photos, technology has changed a lot I've gradually become a better photographer. Starting with film and a scanner, I progressed to low resolution digital cameras for my shots, and computers which were very slow to stitch the final panoramas together. Cameras, computers and stitching software have come a long way in those 20+ years. So the quality of the shots on this site vary from pretty poor to pretty great. Enjoy!