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15 Amazing Places for Hiking in Wisconsin Dells

15 Amazing Places for Hiking in Wisconsin Dells

Hiking in Wisconsin Dells is a must-do activity. Hikes offer an experience of the most beautiful parts of nature, and you can enjoy them no matter what time it is or how much energy your body has left after being outside all day long!

Aristotle once said that there's something marvelous about everything we see; I know firsthand just how true his words ring when looking at picturesque views such as those found on hiking trails through misty forests with crashing waterfalls nearby (or not). 

When thinking over which destinations are worth adding to one’s bucket list, consider making plans for hikes near Waushara County--you won't regret it. 

Exploring the wilderness in Wisconsin Dells will take your vacation to a whole new level. The rock formations are picturesque, and you can enjoy an unforgettable experience by exploring them with friends or family!

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Where to Stay in Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells is a great place to vacation, but if you're looking for something more than just an affordable hotel room. I suggest checking out my post on the best VRBOs in Wisconsin Dells!

You'll find that there are many amazing options with all sorts of amenities and prices available depending on what type of traveler suits your needs most: whether it be family fun at one location or relaxation after work at another spot nearby - we've got them covered here so stop by soon!

Amazing Places for Hiking in Wisconsin Dells

Amazing Places for Hiking in Wisconsin Dells

Looking for the perfect place to visit in Wisconsin Dells? Well, look no further! There are so many gorgeous hiking trails with varying levels of difficulty that you will be able to find one suitable for any skill level. 

From easy walks on a gentle path through nature, hard scramble up rocks just out your reach without climbing equipment-Wisconsin Dells has it all waiting for those who want an adventurous day outside. And if not now then when?! Pack up some water and prepare yourself because this state never disappoints on its natural beauty (or lack thereof)!

Hiking in Wisconsin is a great way to get some fresh air, enjoy nature and see beautiful views. While the Dells are worth taking time off work for if you can afford it- these trails also make perfect day trips from Milwaukee!

  1. The Ice Age Trail – Gibraltar Rock Segment

The Ice Age Trails in Wisconsin offer a 1000 mile long trail, but it's incomplete. The only way to complete this incredible journey and see all of its wonders is by exploring some short segments! One such segment would be the Gibraltar Rock Segment which has panoramic views that are perfect for creating your own memories with family or friends on one challenging yet rewarding hike through nature near La Crosse WI

A great place like this could provide many impressive experiences from taking pictures at scenic overlooks along cliffs overlooking fields filled up green trees until finally reaching an area where we get close enough so you can jump off into deep blue waters below- literally experiencing something new every step. 

Though it takes about four hours to complete, the hike through some breathtaking views of Wisconsin Lake and forests is worth your time.

The Gibraltar Rock Segment has a length of 4.6 miles which makes for an amazing family-friendly adventure near Dells that will take you on one of our best hikes in Southern WI!

You’ll definitely want to make a stop at the lookout point on your way up! I recommend arriving early in order for you can enjoy this stunning view. You will see Wisconsin Lake and some scenic landscapes of farmlands from here, which are just beautiful with their autumn colors. 

After continuing towards Gibraltar Rock by following this long climb (it does get tough!), be prepared because once again our favorite landmark is waiting for us below: The BIG GRASSY ROCK OF WISCONSIN!!!

The leaves changing color is what makes this hike so beautiful. You are sure to enjoy the variety of yellow, orange, and red hues against a gorgeous backdrop as fall gets underway in Wisconsin Dells with Uncle John being one great movie for exploring all that area has on offer during your adventures there!

  1. East Bluff Trail

Other gorgeous loop hiking trails near Wisconsin Dells are East Bluff and East Bluff Woods Loop.

It's a stunning landscape with breathtaking views that is heavily trafficked by visitors, but it deserves its place on this list because of all the rocks stacked up high at different levels as well as green woodland in between them; you can find it at Devil’s Lake State Park where people come from around to enjoy themselves!

You should really consider this park as one of the best in Wisconsin. It has some remarkable scenery and is managed well, making it another great option for families who want a good day trip or weekend getaway exploring nature! You can stop anytime on your hike to take pictures, enjoy snacks from home (that are perfectly safe!), meet friends along the way – all while being close enough that if anything goes wrong then there's always help nearby too

Fall is the best time to go hiking. You'll be able to avoid crowds and enjoy nature while you're out there! This trail isn't just beautiful, it's also refreshing: its peaceful atmosphere makes for a great escape from everyday life

The passing through woods on this hike make it even more enjoyable as one can get away from city noises or other distractions.

  1. Witches Gulch

The last hike of the summer is a short and sweet one. Head to Wisconsin Dells for some fresh air with family or your furry friend in tow, you won't regret it!

The Canyon at River State Natural Area has wheelchair access so that all ages can enjoy this scenic outdoorsy destination- perfect if hiking isn't an option but getting out there may be difficult due to other commitments like work which leave little time left over after daily life takes its toll on us as humans sometimes do.

You’ll feel like you are in a different world as the scenery changes constantly. The tight glacier canyon is an unforgettable experience, especially with how it sounds and smells!

The Witches Gulch hiking trail is only accessible by boat. Once you’re there, the surrounding area can be explored but be careful to stay on marked paths as it's all privately owned property and this adventure comes with an opportunity for understanding how history has shaped local legends!

The best beaches in Wisconsin? You’re not kidding! At Witch's Gulch, they are all-natural and provide a variety of views. Why stop at just enjoying the beach when you can also take your camping gear with ease on these easy trails through nature where every step is lit by flickering torches - what better way to experience its magic than under starlight?

  1. Tumbled Rocks Trail

As you walk along the Tumbled Rocks trail in Devil's Lake Park, it is hard to believe that these boulders were once part of an ancient glacier. As your feet step on top of one rock and then another - each shaped like a different person -, make sure not to miss their unique features! 

The best time for this hike would be autumn when leaves fall across stones making them more beautiful than ever before; or winter because there are fewer distractions such as other humans around who might take away from the beauty of being outside. 

Under white snow with nothing else visible but trees covered head to toe...except maybe those little elves working tirelessly beneath treacherous ice caps. The reflection of the sun into Devil's Lake from a distance is breathtaking. You'll have to see it for yourself!

  1. Parfrey’s Glen Trail

Parfrey’s Glen is a hidden gem in the state of Wisconsin. The word “glen,” which means valley or ravine and can be found all over Western Europe- especially Ireland -is what makes this hike so special. 

Because you will have to ascend through its narrow passageways with breathtaking views as well preserved plant life that includes many endangered species not seen anywhere else on Earth! 

Not only does Parfrey's Glen’s rocks offer an authentic backwoods experience but also has huge geological importance due to their stone landscape sculptures created by wind erosion millions of millions ago. 

The trail to the Waterfall is an experience like no other. I enjoyed walking through this lush forest, listening to the sound of rushing water, and feeling its freshness on my skin as rays from nature's sun touched me gently in passing leaves that gave off such incredible shade you felt almost enshrouded by them!

The hike was challenging at times but it really made up for those difficult moments with stunning views along our journey.

Hiking through beautiful Wisconsin Dells is a great way to get some fresh air and see the wonderful sights. One of my favorite things about this area is all of its natural wonders like waterfalls, which can be hard to find in other parts of countries!

With so many options for vegan hiking boots available on earth-friendly products websites such as Amazon or eBay these days it's easy enough just browse until you find something perfect then buy - no more worrying if your pair will dry out when wet thanks again modern technology.

Wrap Up

Hiking is a great way to explore nature and get some exercise. There are many trails in the Dells, but these three offer spectacular views of Lake Delavan as well!

Hiking in the Wisconsin Dells is a great way to explore nature! You'll find some of the best hikes near this amazing National Park.

There are also plenty more hiking trails available if you're willing to drive 30 minutes or less from your location, and these spots offer different scenery depending on where they lead- like through beautiful forests with ample opportunities for wildlife spotting (all while listening closely)!


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