Photo taken from the paved path to Angels Landing
On Friday, August 27, I arrived in Zion Canyon at about 2:00. After driving around the Grotto Picnic Area parking lot for about ten minutes, I finally squeezed the car into a little parking spot and managed to scrape the bumper on a rock that I didn't see. Great start! It'll be nice when the shuttle program begins and parking is no longer a problem in Zion Canyon.

I then proceeded up the Angels Landing hiking trail. It is very steep and I was glad I had taken a couple of short evening hikes last week to prepare for it. Believe it or not, the trail is paved for the first two miles with concrete, asphalt and a combination of both, looking like it was done a little at a time over the course of many years. The paving wasn't done to provide access for people with disabilities, it's too steep, so I can't understand the need for it.

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